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Air We Share - BC Poster - Speaks to people living in building (pdf)


Air We Share - BC Poster - Speaks to Landlords and Owners (pdf)


Air We Share - Poster - General for Canada-wide use (pdf)


Write Housing Minister Selina Robinson and your own MLA

Sample Letter to the Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs

Honourable MLA Robinson,

I am part of the Air We Share campaign here in BC, and I am requesting a legislated ban on smoking in all multi-unit housing in the province.

Please assert yourself as a leader and insist that this toxin be eliminated from the homes of those who live in conjoined housing. Neighbours should not have the right to cause harm to each other. There is no way to completely prevent transmission of second-hand smoke between conjoined housing units, and no amount of second-hand smoke is safe to breathe. 

Smoking is not a right. Breathing clean air is. Anyone addicted to nicotine, or desiring/requiring marijuana, can obtain non-smoked delivery of these drugs, but those of us who are being forced to inhale second-hand smoke through the air we share with our neighbours cannot avoid the dangers to our health, and the diminished value of our property.

Leaving the regulation of toxic chemical exposure to individual strata corporations and landlords is irresponsible, and treats the creation of second-hand smoke as a discretionary lifestyle choice rather than the proven health hazard it actually is. Air is shared in multi-unit dwellings. There is no way to contain second-hand smoke to a particular unit. It is long overdue to ban all smoking and eliminate all second-hand smoke where infants, children, adults, families, and those with health challenges live, play, and sleep.

I urge you to treat this issue as a priority in your role as the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, who influences legislation relating to rental housing and strata bylaws. With cannabis being legalized, there is now a province-wide discussion among all multi-unit housing dwellers, landlords, and strata councils about second-hand smoke and how to prevent health hazards and conflicts. 

Unfortunately, leaving this in the hands of residents and biased individuals to argue and decide whether or not to expose innocent bystanders to proven carcinogens (and odours that reduce property values for owners by 25% or more) is not, in my view, responsible leadership on the part of BC governance. 

PERSONAL PARAGRAPH ABOUT YOUR SITUATION HERE (Example: I am a registered voter, a strata unit owner, a mother of two children who reside with me, and I am personally adversely affected by the second-hand smoke from my downstairs neighbour. As long as she is permitted to smoke, she will do so, and my family and I will suffer. Our strata council is currently four people, one of whom is a smoker. There is a refusal to put forward a non-smoking bylaw at the AGM that would ban smoking in individual units.)

Please don’t leave us to sort this out on a building-by-building basis when second-hand smoke is known carcinogen and not something anyone, under the charter of rights and freedoms, should have to breathe against their will.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


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Formal paper-based petition to the BC Government

The formal paper-based petition that we developed was submitted to the BC Legislature on April 4, 2019. There is no further need to print, sign and mail in but if you wish to see change then do contact your MLA and Housing Minister Robinson directly by email or mail and state your support for smoke-free multi-family housing as outlined above.

Formal Petition to BC Legislature - Smoke Free Multi-Unit Dwellings (pdf)