Hundreds of thousands of residents are affected in BC


Sonia, Surrey

I feel this is an issue that needed to be addressed. I have severe asthma and suffer the consequences of my neighbours smoking every night!

Katherine, North Vancouver

As an owner in a strata building I have had similar problems with a smoker as my neighbour and am concerned about the detrimental impact to my family's health.

Jennifer, Abbotsford

I’m sick of the smoke I am forced to breathe in all the time from my neighbour below me. So frustrating.

Melissa, North Vancouver

It just makes sense! I’d love not to be smoked out of my house.

Stuart, Vancouver

I have long been an advocate for this issue. It is high time to move things forward. The problem of secondhand smoke exposure in Multi Unit Dwellings (MUDs) is common, dangerous, unfair, and needs to be addressed.
Further information can be found in my submission on behalf of Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada to the BCRHTF:

Daniel, Vancouver

Same issue in our building. Letter writing and strata rules do not seem to address the issue.


Chris, Coquitlam

My wife and I have the same situation in our wife is having health issues related to this.

Anna, Victoria

I too cannot stand the smell in my unit. Why should someone else’s decision to poison their life have any bearing on me. Brings down my quality of life.

Nancy, Pitt Meadows

Second hand smoke fills our condo on an hourly basis. I am concerned for my 11 yr old and her health. I get instant headaches from the smoke.

Elizabeth, White Rock

We have a similar issues living in a unit with our now 10 month old. The couple in the unit below us smoke on their balcony as often as 12 times a day. Even when smoking inside their unit, smoke wafts into our place, forcing us to close our balcony doors and windows which is often unbearable in our non air conditioned apartment in the summer.

Timothy, Surrey

I also deal with this issue. As a resident of a multi-unit dwelling my quality of life was significantly impacted significantly by the moving in of a family of heavy smokers on the first floor in my building, 2 floors directly under me. Multiple complaints were received about the the excessive ever present cloying smoke by the council and strata management (Davin Management, Surrey, BC). The smoke entered my dwelling and air space through windows, vents, and cracks and crevices. It has taken away my right to enjoy my property and impacted both my physical and mental health.

The council and management company had drafted a proposal to ban all smoking in the strata. The owners took serious offence to this and circulated an unauthorized petition in the building stating how it was their right, that they were addicted to the point of it being medically unable to quit and even provided a statement from a real estate agent that it added property value because there were buyers who wanted the option of being able to smoke in their homes!! I wrote a counter and posted it on a public message board as per council rules and strata bylaws. Suddenly the proposal was off the agenda, management cited the reason as the proposed change causing angst between neighbors...

Later I discovered that one of the owners has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and that their child has asthma. Sadly I have had some small respite in the past 9 months year as one of the owners has passed away from cancer.

If that alone isn't enough call for the honorable minster to initiate steps to protect the health of British Columbians living in multi family dwellings, then what would be? 100 stories like mine? A 1000 deaths? 10 000 partners with COPD? 100 000 children with asthma? What DO you need honorable minister Robinson? A 1 000 000 stories like mine?

Christie, New Westminster

We dealt with a similar issue when we moved into our townhouse 2 years ago. How they hid the smoke smell during the open house and inspection I have no idea. The strata was willing to fine them under the quiet enjoyment bylaws but I would still come home and it was like someone had chain smoked in my kitchen all day (the neighbour below us was retired and smoked heavily). It was bad enough to make my throat hurt. I literally had to hold my breath in my entry way or would have a coughing fit. Thankfully they moved last summer which alleviated most of the problem but the smell is still coming out of the walls 10 months after he moved out and we are now stuck with costly smoke damage to our home.



Nothing is more intrusive and insidious than someone else’s (particularly a next-door-neighbour’s) cigarette (or other smoking/burning device’s) emissions, with its clearly-understood health dangers, seeping into a non-user’s living quarters. When consumed outside in public areas (where such is legally allowed), such usage may be beyond our jurisdiction of control, where current public opinion allows such areas of open-air consumption. However, within an attached home or multi-unit complex, with people’s homes adjoining and connected to one another, there is nowhere to “escape to” or get away from this odour. Basically, within one’s own residence, one would be held hostage to the odour and ill-effects of unpleasant smoke. Now, what If there was an offensive smell being emitted back (this time emanating from WITHIN the home of the attached and previously-offended neighbour and, as a consequence, easily detected by the smoking neighbour) and that smell was of compost, garbage or the constant scent of decay? Would that, on-the-other-hand, be acceptable? One would attempt to discover the problem and negotiate something liveable for all parties, either that, or request the help of whatever authorities are available to neutralise this situation. That is, in effect, the purpose of this Petition.
The attached-housing/next-door-neighbour “smoke” situation needs to be addressed earnestly and SOON. The legalisation of marijuana smoking and its “pervasive, highly-offensive to many,” odour, will need to be addressed, as it is a scent that many non-users find nauseous and truly sickening. Responsibility for any type of smoking and where it is consumed must be accepted by those who continue to partake in this habit. People who are concerned for their own physical health and that of their household should not have to constantly be challenged within the confines of their own domicile. 


I'm signing because I have asthma. Second hand smoke frequently brings on an asthma attack. No one should have to share someone else's smoking habit. It's bad for the entire world! 


I am not a smoker and find it offensive. I am very concerned about the odour of marijuana. Cigarette smoke comes through the ceilings and walls. Marijuana will be even worse. 


Clean air is a basic right 

Ken, White Rock

Second-hand smoke impacts my upper respiratory system. Should I suffer in a building while another person's cigarette smoke spreads throughout? Health first for everyone. 

Ruth, Abbotsford

My husband and I moved into a strata unit three years ago. When we bought the unit the downstairs unit had been sold but no one was in it. By the time we moved in there were two smokers (one a chain smoker) who had moved in. The smoke was INTOLERABLE! I started a complaint with Human Rights because I suffer from pulmonary fibrosis. It's been three years! The strata council worked to try and eliminate the smoke coming up here, but it hasn't solved the problem. We have had 2 votes to bring in a non-smoking by-law, both failed by a few votes. The smokers are militant and angry. The non-smokers seem to be somewhat complacent if it doesn't affect them directly. When we tried to start a petition we were met with belligerence and abuse. This situation is almost unbelievable when smoking isn't permitted in any public buildings or in parks, but people can contaminate the air in a building where others need to live, sleep and try to breathe. My husband died this spring, the man below us died, but the woman below us moved her smoking son in, so now we are dealing with 2 smokers again. The gentleman on the strata council who was supportive has been forced out (political reasons) because for one thing, the president is an avid smoker. My case goes to the Human Rights Tribunal next spring (it was supposed to be this month but I now have to have open heart surgery this month) I really feel that this situation has contributed to the decline in health of my husband and myself. 


Sylvia, Maple Ridge

 The occupants of suites near mine have been harming me with tobacco products for more than 30 years, also with crack cocaine, pot, rat poison, insecticide, paint fumes, and other undesirable substances. Sometimes I have to be away from my residence for hours before my heart, lung and brain functions head back towards normal. 

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